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Great music lesson at a reasonable price.


Not only did my son Josh learn to be become a out standing guitarist. Steve taught that if you stick with something you can accomplish anything.-Thank you Steve.

My daughter started piano lessons from The Ravenna 'School of Music 3 years ago. She's now become very accomplished . Steve did a great job with her. Steve's not just a teacher he's a motivater.

Mrs. Drugan.

My daughter had taken lesson from a local teacher for 2 years and had made little progress. We changed teacher (The Ravenna School of Music) and she now sounds like we invisioned her to sound. She's playing songs and having fun. Thank you Ravenna School Of Music.


I took lessons for many years and had played professionally. But felt i needed to have a better understanding of music. Steve taught me just that. Music theory,improvising & song writing.He's a GREAT teacher & a GREAT musician.

J.M. Akron,Ohio.

Steve I can't put into words what you've gone for my son. When he came to you he was convinced he was a great guitarist. You where a little tough on him but you where right. He has completely changed his attitude. He's working hard and studing harder then ever and it's because of your not letting him settle for less then he can be. Thank you,Thank you, & Thank you again.


Great teacher,great musician,great motivator.. Steve you're the best.

Sue Wilson

I've taken my son and daughter to The Ravenna School Of Music and I've enjoyed watching them both become better & better over the past 2 years. Steve is very easy going yet he is always encouraging the to strive to be better. I took Lessons when I was young and truly wish I had a teach like Steve Cipriano.

Frank Climante Ravenna.

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