These are the Music Lessons provided by
Ravenna School of Music

Guitar Lessons

People decide to take guitar lessons for a variety of reasons. Some have a desire to become experts and others just want a hobby or a wish for self improvement. Whether using acoustic or electric guitars, we at Ravenna School of Music offer... read more.

Bass Guitar Lessons

Well, if you're here you must want to play the bass. Kudos to you, the world can never have too many bass players. Bands of all kinds... read more.

Piano Lessons

We assume that by coming to this page, that you would like to learn how to play the piano. Or, perhaps, you would like to have your child learn to play... read more.

Beginner Violin

With private violin lessons our students can not only learn to play the violin but will learn how to play it... read more.

Beginner Viola

With private viola lessons our students can not only learn to play the viola but will learn how to play it... read more.


We at Ravenna School of Music are pleased to present our series of percussion instruction classes designed to give you a solid basis... read more.

Music Theory

Music theory is the field of study that explains the how and why of music. Music is written and played based... read more.

Song Writing

Ever since very early man got his groove on by banging on a log with stick, humans have been writing songs. The process... read more.

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Music Quotes

"Without music, life would be a mistake."

Friedrich Nietzsche

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