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Hi, My name is Steve Cipriano. I have been a professional musician since 1970. I started playing and studying music when I was 14 years old. I own and operate the school of music along with some of the finest music instructors in Northeastern Ohio.

Steve Cipriano, Owner and head Instructor at Ravenna School of Music
We only teach music at The Ravenna School of Music. We are not a music store so our teachers can focus on helping their students advance on the musical instrument of their chosing and not worry about selling musical instruments.

Ravenna School of Music
We believe we teach at a very reasonable rate in order not to burden the students financially. That way, they can better enjoy the experience and stay with it longer. We do teach reading music but we also teach the students how to play by ear as we believe both are equally important.

Please contact us for further information about Lessons or give us a call at:

                              (330) 297-6804.

Better yet, stop by for a visit. Just go to your nearest city page, listed below, for directions to Ravenna School of Music.

Listen to Steve with the Steve Cipriano Band at Buckeye Bar 2009 in Ravenna, Ohio

Even though the audio quality is not great, you can still hear the mastery of the guitar by Steve.

Watch Steve with his Jazz Band here on the About Us Page

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Music Quotes

"Without music, life would be a mistake."

Friedrich Nietzsche

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