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Well, if you're here you must want to play the bass. Kudos to you, the world can never have too many bass players. Bands of all kinds are always looking for bass players. Whether you're a beginner, an experienced veteran, or an old pro, Whatever your skill level, we share a passion for this amazing instrument.

Playing the bass guitar requires a different kind of instruction. As you would expect, we begin with technique since you'll want to be able to play bass lines from day one. We, at Ravenna School of Music in Northeastern Ohio, will walk you through drills that will help to build strength in your fingers, wrist and arms. You'll appreciate that later, believe me.

Bass Guitar Anatomy Lessons Instruction Teachers After we have your technique up to speed, we will then begin to teach the music theory behind the bass. This will allow you to create bass lines on your own that allow you to follow along with whomever you may be playing with and also become involved in the writing of songs with other guitar players.

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